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School-Based Trainings for Teachers and Parents

The following training topics are readily available to you. However, Familymeans can also provide other specialized trainings at your request. Contact Erin Rowlson at 651-789-4028 to schedule a training session or to answer any questions.

Mental Health 101 - An overview that helps you know what to look for and how to know when it’s time for a student to seek help.

Anxiety - What are signs and symptoms of anxiety? Learn about brain development and how anxiety looks in your students. We offer ways to avoid or reduce anxious responses including helpful, common treatments.

Depression - Learn about the road to hope and self-care. We will discuss brain development, and can help you identify the signs and symptoms of depression in youth. Learn about common, helpful treatments including ways you can provide your students with tools to help them navigate their depression.

Suicide Prevention and Responses - Learn how to support youth to prevent suicide. What are the signs or symptoms? How do you appropriately respond when someone says they are suicidal? Learn what resources are available for immediate help.

Perfectionism - What are the signs and symptoms to look for in youth? What part does brain development play? How are perfectionism and “doing your best” different and why is that so important? Learn all of this and about common treatments and tools.

Mindfulness - What is it? How can we use it to create small habits that produce enormous benefits? Learn some specific exercises for your students to practice.

Emotional Identification and Regulation - Learn ways to cope with and respond to the emotions your students express, while helping them learn how to appropriately identify and express emotions throughout childhood and adolescence. Give them skills they can carry and use their entire lives.

Substance Abuse and Connection to Mental Health - Mental Health issues and substance abuse are often intertwined. Learn about common signs and symptoms. Often, chemical abuse is actually a symptom of a larger mental health issue. Learn how treating the core issue can lead to life-changing relief.

ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study and Possible Effects in Your School - Based on the most recent ACE study, we will discuss how your students could be affected, and how we all can help.

Trauma 101 - What is trauma and how does it affect the body? How do our students respond to trauma and how can we help them recover?

Trauma Informed Responses at Home and School - How do we respond to students who have suffered from traumatic events? How are we, as an educational system, having an effect on their experience? Learn how we can become part of the solution.

Healthy Relationships - Learn the key components to having a healthy relationship with your child and/or students.

School-Based Groups for Students

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