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The Debt Management Program (DMP) is a program designed to help clients resolve credit problems and repay debts while helping creditors receive money owed to them.

The DMP may be recommended to those who need more than counseling advice and could benefit from a structured repayment plan. The client makes one monthly deposit and FamilyMeans Financial Solutions distributes the funds to multiple creditors.

A DMP may help:

  • Reduce interest rates
  • Stop late and over-limit fees
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Pay off debts in fewer than five years

To learn how you might benefit from a Debt Management Program, complete our online counseling form by clicking "Get Started Now", below.  Provide your income, living expenses and unsecured debts.  A FamilyMeans Financial Solutions Certified Credit Counselor will respond to you by demonstrating; your interest savings, repayment terms (often saving you 15-20 years), an estimate of your one monthly payment amount, and budgeting strategies.

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