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FamilyMeans Financial Solutions offers on-site, or virtual Education Seminars tailored for corporate, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit sectors. Most of our classes have a duration of 30-60 minutes. While the list below showcases our standard courses, we are also open to customizing topics to align with specific audience needs and regional trends. Explore the titles and descriptions provided below. For further details about our educational opportunities or to request an instructor, feel free to reach out to our Program Director, Kelly Hansen, at 651-789-4018 or

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Managing Your Finances During Economic Challenges

This 1-hr course emphasizes the importance of goal setting, proposes proactive solutions, and encourages the exploration of actionable steps. Dive into the challenges of a record-high inflationary era, and gain insights into managing the highest-ever average credit card APR’s. In response to these economic realities, learn to create a robust Financial Survival Plan that equips you with the tools and strategies to navigate and thrive in uncertain financial times.

Student Loan Basics

Navigate the complexities of educational lending in this session as we explore the landscape of student loan debt, which currently stands at a staggering 1.77 trillion, impacting 43.5 million Americans. Whether you're new to the student loan process or striving to alleviate educational debt, this session will guide you through the fundamentals, including borrowing guidelines, repayment and hardship options, considerations for return on investment, and effective strategies to expedite student loan repayment. Join us for essential insights to empower your journey toward financial freedom from educational debt.

Navigating Retirement Finances

Embark on the journey of preparing your budget for retirement with our informative 1-hr session. Explore crucial aspects such as understanding income changes, estimating Social Security benefits, and evaluating various retirement income resources. Delve into the intricacies of budgeting, address considerations for healthcare costs, and discover valuable online resources. Whether you're in the initial stages of retirement planning or looking to complement insights gained from your financial planner, this session is designed to provide practical guidance for a financially secure retirement.

What’s Your Money Personality?

Explore diverse money personalities in this 1-hr workshop designed to unravel the mysteries of your financial behavior. Drawing from Olivia Mellan's research, we'll identify five distinct money personality types, explore their interconnections, and demonstrate how understanding these dynamics fosters personal financial harmony and enriches relationships. Gain valuable budgeting insights and discover ways to enhance your financial management skills. Join us on this journey toward a more informed and harmonious relationship with money. Take the quiz here!

Master the Art of Budget-Friendly Holidays

Embrace the spirit of giving without breaking the bank during the holiday season. Discover effective strategies to organize your holiday shopping, curb unplanned expenses, and uncover creative tips for a joyful season without overspending. This seminar equips you with valuable insights into holiday shopping organization, practical methods to limit impulsive purchases, and an understanding of how holiday door busters can impact your budget. Additionally, we'll delve into budgeting techniques and ways to stay debt-free. Join us to ensure your holidays are both merry and financially mindful.

Successful Credit Management

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of credit and its contemporary significance in our 1-hr course on Successful Credit Management. Delve into the intricacies of Credit Reports and Credit Scores, exploring the key factors that contribute to a favorable credit standing. Learn practical insights on obtaining your Credit Report and Credit Score, empowering you with the knowledge needed for effective credit management. Additionally, discover strategies for debt reduction and long-term debt avoidance, ensuring your journey towards financial success. Join us in mastering the essential principles of credit for a secure and prosperous financial future.

Understanding and Preventing Identity Theft

Feeling inundated with information on identity theft? This presentation provides clear, straightforward insights into the various forms of identity theft, its prevalence, and actionable defense strategies. Participants will delve into statistics and trends on identity theft in the United States, receive practical written tips for prevention and detection, and access a comprehensive listing of resources available to victims of identity theft. Gain a concise understanding and equip yourself with the tools to safeguard against identity theft effectively.

Teaching Kids about Money

In a world where children encounter media and consumer pressures early on, this workshop empowers parents and caregivers with actionable strategies to teach their kids about money. Gain valuable tips on assisting your children in developing a profound understanding of money and wise financial practices. Explore opportunities to instill money wisdom in kids through discussions on allowances, promoting healthy money management habits, and fostering awareness of savings and credit. Join us in shaping financially savvy young minds for a future of responsible financial decision-making.


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