Financial Education

As part of FamilyMeans’ mission to strengthen communities by strengthening families, Financial Solutions offers community-based personal finance presentations to groups, organizations, and employers.

Financial education topics include:

• Money management

• Credit management

• Understanding and preventing identity theft

• Customized financial presentations

Businesses and organizations

Invest in your employees, clients, or program participants today. Presentations are provided on-site at your business or organization. 

Financial Solutions: Education Opportunities

FamilyMeans Financial Solutions provides on-site education seminars in corporate, educational, government, and nonprofit sectors. Most classes are 60 minutes however; we can customize the education to fit your time schedule. Below are titles and class descriptions. For more information about onsite education, please contact our Education Specialist, Suzy Wheeler at 612-308-4739, or email Suzy at

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Managing Your Finances During Tough Economic Times!

Financial stress on employees can be detrimental to a business. This one hour workshop via Zoom can help your staff to gain the confidence to better manage their personal finances and reduce stress. Our instructor, Suzy Wheeler has over 30 years of experience in Financial Counseling and Financial Literacy Education to help guide your employees to success!

Redesign Your Life to Reach Your Financial Goals

Most of us know how we want to be living but cannot always figure how to get there. Come to this class to learn how to redesign your current lifestyle to get what you want (financially). In this class, we discuss budgeting, set up financial goals, and then figure out where you can save money to reach those goals. Putting your wishes on paper is a powerful step to help you reach your goals!

What’s Your Money Personality?

Do you find yourself frustrated by the way you or a significant other spends money? This workshop will help you understand why you treat money as you do. Based on Olivia Mellan’s work on different money personalities, we guide you through five different money personality types, explain how the types inter-relate and illustrate what this means for establishing personal money harmony and harmony within your relationships. Take the quiz here!

Money Smarts for Families

Children face media and consumer pressures at a very young age. This workshop gives parents and caregivers a better understanding of what they can do to teach their kids about money. Get tips on helping your children as they develop an understanding of money and how to use it wisely. We will look at opportunities to make kids money savvy through allowances, healthy money management, and savings & credit awareness.

Successful Credit Management

We give you a general understanding of how credit works and why it is important today. We will cover credit reports and scores and how you can keep your credit history and score looking good and working for you--or how to improve both! In addition, we will discuss getting and staying out of debt for good!

Understanding and Preventing Identity Theft

Are you overwhelmed by information on identity theft to the point that it has become hard to sort out the facts? This presentation will give concise, straight talk on what identity theft truly is including the many forms it can take, its prevalence and what consumers can do to defend themselves. Participants will hear statistics and trends on identity theft in the United States, receive written tips on preventing and detecting identity theft, and receive a listing of resources available to victims of identity theft.

Preventing Financial Exploitation (for older adults)

This class is designed to provide older adults with information about common frauds, scams, and other types of elder financial exploitation. Basic budgeting is also covered in the class.



K-16 students (includes all classrooms, alternative education programs, and college campuses)

Education is provided at no cost. Contact us to schedule a visit by an Educator.


Online education for adults (cost/fee)

Develop or enhance your personal financial skills with an online course. 

Credit When Credit Is Due

Money in Motion


Interested in scheduling financial education for your workplace, health fair, team, or group? 
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