Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is an opportunity to better understand and work through past or current issues that have a negative impact on a relationship. It is an investment for the long-term, providing couples the skills and strategies they need to manage life together in a healthy way. 

“I didn’t think we needed pre-marital counseling – everything is great! Once we talked with a clinician we realized even though things are great now, we can ‘protect’ our relationship by working continuously on the relationship. My fiancé and I are using the skills we’ve learned in counseling to strengthen our relationship even before we struggle!”  

For married couples, many facing their own unique relationship needs, marriage counseling may be an option. Our licensed clinicians can help couples assess the marital relationship and work to improve communication skills, mend their marriage, and explore new skills for a healthy relationship. 

“We were struggling pretty bad in our marriage; to the point of considering divorce. We came to counseling as one last effort and are we glad we did! Our clinician helped us see past the old hurts and begin to heal together instead of growing apart. We value our time with our clinician each week to help us work through our communication issues and it’s getting better.” 

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in couple/marital relationship
  • Conflict
  • Health issues
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Infidelity
  • Communication
  • Life changes/transitions
  • Sexual concerns
  • Other mental health concerns affecting relationship

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What else might be helpful?

Family counseling can help the whole family work through situational or relationship issues.

At times, it is hard to open up and discuss true feelings with another person in the room. Sometimes it is best to start with individual counseling. Learn more.