Employee Services

As a beneficiary of your employer’s contract with FamilyMeans Employee Assistance Program (EAP), our services are designed to assist you in managing the impact of personal and work-related challenges that affect your overall well-being and, inevitably, your on-the-job performance.

All services are strictly confidential. Your employer is provided workplace-wide statistical data, never individual employee information.


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Counseling & Therapy

Have you suffered a devastating loss? Having marital concerns? Feeling symptoms of depression or anxiety? FamilyMeans provides confidential, face-to-face adult, child, adolescent, couple, or family therapy for you and your family members for these and many other issues.


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Financial Solutions

Do you struggle to manage debt or stick to a budget? A conversation with one of our certified consumer credit professionals may be the answer. FamilyMeans can help you to create a personal action plan for financial success. Clients benefit from a range of options including debt management, budget planning, and credit report reviews.


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Caregiving & Aging

Are you assisting someone with daily living needs? Helping to handle finances, prepare meals, advocating for medical concerns, or providing transportation on a regular basis? If so, you are a caregiver. It can be challenging and take a toll of its own. You are not alone. FamilyMeans offers coaching and consultation to help you navigate your caregiving journey, providing group or individual respite options.

EAP Legal Consultation Referral

Legal Consultation Referral

Are you in need of legal consultation around a real estate transaction, family matter or injury? Do you need to update your will? A phone consultation with counsel from an established, reputable law firm in your state of residence will point you in the right direction. Employment related matters not included.


Call FamilyMeans EAP at 651-439-4840 to get started with any of these services. If your employer is contracted with FamilyMeans EAP be sure to mention this when you speak with our representative.

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What else might be helpful?

Not sure if it is time to take the next steps as a caregiver? Take our quick assessment to find out more. 

FamilyMeans offers therapeutic and supportive crisis response services for an array of issues that may affect your workplace team; natural disasters, terrible accidents, sudden death or other traumatic experiences.