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School-Based Groups for Students

FamilyMeans school-based counselors lead small group sessions for students seeking support in the following areas. Contact Erin Rowlson at 651-789-4028 to schedule a group session or to answer any questions.

Children in Transition - Provides support and education for elementary students dealing with parental separation or divorce.

Youth in Transition - Provides support for secondary students to learn about divorce and separation in their family and how to cope.

Anxiety Group - Students learn signs and symptoms of anxiety, how their brains react to it and how to cope.

Depression Group - Students learn signs and symptoms of depression, how their brains react to it and how to cope.

Mindfulness 101 - Students learn what mindfulness is and how to use it. They will participate in practical activities to use in daily life to reduce distress and increase calm.

Emotion Identification and Regulation - Students learn how to appropriately identify and express emotions throughout childhood and adolescence, as well as ways to cope and respond to their emotions.

Healthy Relationships /Social Skills - Elementary students focus on building healthy friendships. Middle and High School students focus on healthy peer and romantic relationships. They all learn the key elements to healthy relationships including communication, respect and what signs to be aware of that may indicate an unhealthy situation.

School Partnerships

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