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Dementia Services Summary

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Aging By Design

Memory Cafe @ Lake Elmo Inn

Memory Cafe @ RH Stafford Woodbury Library

Memory Cafe @ Cottage Grove Hy-Vee 

Memory Cafe @ Rice Lake Centre in Hugo

Powerful Tools for Caregivers @ Kings of Kings Lutheran Church in Woodbury

Building Resiliency in Caregivers with Presenter Ted Bowman 



Education Programs for Caregivers

To have one of these programs presented to your worksite, faith community or civic organization, contact Jenny West, Community Educator at 651.789.4015 or email with a topic of interest. Programs/workshops can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters

It’s difficult to know when your concerns should qualify for action and possible change when it relates to another person. How do you bring up concerns...view more  

Being a Working Caregiver

6 in 10 family caregivers are employed. Are you trying to juggle work, home, family and caregiving responsibilities? view more

When to Worry?

Have you ever wondered if you are losing it? Join us for a conversation to better understand what may be “normal” memory loss verses signs of early dementia. Discuss tips on how to manage behaviors and various approaches that can be tried.

The Power of Laughter

Could you incorporate more laughter into your life? Laughter affects view more    

A More Balanced You!

Do you find yourself stressed? Is your to-do list never ending? view more

Communicating Effectively With Health Care Providers

Ever wonder if there is a way to improve communication with your health care providers? view more

Communicating with difficult behaviors

This workshop offers tips for understanding and communicating with someone affected by dementia. view more

HELP! My Parents are getting old…what should I do?

Because adult children are often the key contact for their aging parents, it is valuable to... view more

Who’s Taking Care of Me While I’m Taking Care of You?

Are you in fight or flight mode all of the time? Is your stress level through the roof? view more

Caring from a Distance

Do you worry about your father falling when you are miles and miles away? Is your mother really taking her medication at the correct time view more

Making decisions sooner rather than later…Your own Health Care Directive

Ever wonder why you would want to think about a scenario that wouldn’t allow you to communicate with those around you? view more

I wonder if Mom and Dad should move?

Ever wonder when is the best time for your parents to downsize? view more

Slips and Trips.  Staying safe in your home

Your home is your castle, and it should be the safest castle around. Join us for a great discussion on implementing simple modifications to keep your home as safe as possible with you in it!

WHO GETS WHAT, when I am gone!

Making sure the memories and the meaning travel on with your mementoes. view more

Aging By Design - Exploring the Possibilities

FamilyMeans presents Aging by Design, a series to help participants creat personal paths to retirement, identify indivdual goals and explore changes as people age. The series is designed to break sensitive subjets into workable steps for the future. Each class is offered twice over a two-moth period, allowing participants to choose what is most convenient.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

This six week educational series is designed to helpcaregivers take care of themselves while providing care to someone else. Topics include; self-care, reducing personal stress, communicating feelings in challenging situations, learning from emotions and mastering caregiving decisions. Attendees will benefit from this program whether helping a parent, spouse/partner, child or friend who lives nearby or across country.

Memory Club

Memory Club is designed to meet the needs of both the person with memory loss and a family member or friend. Many families report that meeting others in the same situation is helpful in moving forward with their lives after diagnosis. One half of each session (total of 10 sessions) is devoted to topics that address the entire group, and the second half is spent in private peer groups: one for people with memory issues and one for their partners.




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