Resources for Caregivers

It can be overwhelming finding the right resources for caregivers, whether you live with the person or are at a distance. We would like to help you find your way through the questions and concerns you may have. Please connect with our staff at 651-439-4840 or by using this form to tell us what you need. You may also want to try one of these tools:

Online Tools to Explore Options

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Many older adults and their families have a hard time deciding if it is time to get help. This online assessment takes about 4 minutes to answer 24 questions about your current situation, where you or your family member might need help, and what’s important to you. 


Problems with memory and thinking can be worrisome and hard to describe. This quick questionnaire will help you understand your situation, learn more about the changes you’re noticing, and determine what you can do about them.

What Else Might be Helpful?

Consider attending an education program or trying one-to-one Coaching and Consultation.