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Am I a caregiver?

Caregiving takes many forms.

The help you provide to a child or adult who has health or independence needs is caregiving. Some caregivers assist with daily living necessities, while others provide occasional care or are concerned from afar.

Caregivers may offer social and emotional support, handle finances, prepare meals, manage medications, provide transportation, or assist with personal care.

Each situation is different. FamilyMeans Caregiving and Aging staff helps caregivers with their unique caregiving challenges.

I’ve never done this before. It’s all so new.

You are not alone. Others are learning about caregiving – and aging – too. Through support groups and education programs, FamilyMeans offers encouragement, tools, and hope.

Am I doing this right?

We believe in you. With coaching and consultation, FamilyMeans can help you gain confidence, learn new skills, and guide your family through making plans and decisions. Together, we can sort things out even if you’re not sure where to start.

I think I need a break.

It’s important to take time for yourself. FamilyMeans provides substitute support you can trust. A respite volunteer is available to go to your home, or your loved one is welcome to spend time in a group at a FamilyMeans location to give you the break you need. 

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