Help for Caregivers

FamilyMeans is here to support you as your care for a child or adult with a chronic illness, disability or frailty.

Caregiver Definition: care-giv-er
an individual who provides unpaid care for a friend or family member who has a chronic illness, disability or frailty.

FamilyMeans can help you through your caregiving journey with:

Coaching & Counseling for Caregivers
Experienced staff members help the caregiver find the best way to provide quality care while still maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The personal caregiver coach helps families plan, problem solve, coordinate services, and cope with the daily challenges of caregiving.

Breaks for Caregivers (Respite Care)
Respite Care gives caregivers a break by providing in-home companionship and supervision on a scheduled basis. Respite service is provided by volunteers who are trained, screened and carefully matched and monitored to meet the needs of the family. A weekly group respite option at FamilyMeans is also available.

Support Groups for Caregivers
Support groups teach and encourage good self-care and provide a forum of support and understanding from others facing similar situations.

Upcoming Educational Programs for Caregivers 
Find a list of upcoming educational programs as well as a list of educational workshops that can be tailored to your specific need. Any age is a good age to learn more about being an effective, healthy caregiver.

Resources for Caregivers
Additional resources regarding caregiver information.

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