FamilyMeans Building

Support for Families

FamilyMeans' mission is to strengthen communities by strengthening families.
FamilyMeans believes a family consists of two or more people, whether living together or apart, related by blood, marriage, adoption or commitment to care for one another.
FamilyMeans is headquartered in Stillwater, Minn., with branch offices located throughout the Twin Cities metro area, southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

About Us

FamilyMeans is a place where families, children, couples and individuals canFamilyMeans Lobby Area come to find help and work through challenges during difficult times in their lives.
FamilyMeans offers financial and bankruptcy services and education; family counseling and mental health services; collaborative divorce services; caregiver support services; youth enrichment programs; and an employee assistance program. A nonprofit organization, FamilyMeans is funded through grants, donations and United Way support to ensure we can serve anyone who contacts our agency for help.
FamilyMeans has grown tremendously since it opened its doors in 1963. Then known as Family Service of the St. Croix Area, the agency served 61 families in its first year. Nearly 50 years later, FamilyMeans continues to provide stability to those in need, serving nearly 24,000 people each year.
FamilyMeans Meeting RoomOur main location, in Stillwater, is an accessible and welcoming environment where meeting room space is available to the community through reservations and when space is available. FamilyMeans has other locations in the Twin Cities, Rochester, Minn., and in Eau Claire and Hudson, Wis., to make our services as accessible as possible.