Youth Program Coordinator (Part-Time)

FamilyMeans’ Youth Development programs are currently looking for a part-time Youth Program Coordinator. FamilyMeans’ Youth Development programs aim to create equitable opportunities for underserved youth to learn, thrive, connect and contribute throughout their lives, and prepare for their postsecondary futures. The individual in this position will inspire 12-18 year-old youth living in Lake Elmo’s Cimarron mobile home community to discover their strengths, find their passions, develop their identity, build their skills, and learn how to navigate and advocate through life’s opportunities and challenges. This work will take place at our Cimarron Youth Center, located approximately 12 miles east of downtown Saint Paul. The Cimarron Teen Center program is part of our Youth Development Initiative, which provides free, year-round programming to youth ages 5-18 in both Cimarron and the City of Landfall. Cimarron has a majority minority youth population, so strong connections to Latinx, Asian and/or African-American community and culture along with bi-lingual fluency are desired.

The Youth Program Coordinator will work both independently, developing implementing, supervising and evaluating programming responsive to Cimarron teens, and collaboratively, joining with other FamilyMeans youth program coordinators, to provide benefit to the larger Cimarron community, and all of our youth program participants. The Coordinator may also supervise program assistants and guide volunteers toward impactful and satisfying experiences. Candidates will be expected to earn certification to drive the FamilyMeans bus. The work commitment for this position is negotiable, working between 25-32 hours per week, year-round. PTO and benefits are included in this position, but vary depending on the employment contract. All adults working with youth are required to submit to a criminal background check and fingerprinting.


Position Expectations:

  • The Youth Program Coordinator must be able to build strong, mutually respectful interpersonal relationships with teens that create space for them to grow individually and as a community.
  • The Coordinator must be skilled at nurturing youths’ leadership skills and appropriately sharing the power to shape programming responsive to their needs and desires.
  • The Coordinator must employ creativity and initiative to locate resources and build partnerships that expose teens to skill-building and life-shaping opportunities.
  • The Coordinator must have the knowledge to lead youth to explore and pursue a wide range of post-secondary interests.
  • The Coordinator must have the sensitivity, respect and commitment to acknowledge, articulate, amplify, and advocate for equity and respect of marginalized youth.
  • The Coordinator will work with the Youth Development team to be creative and adaptive in meeting the needs of youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma.
  • Two years’ experience working with youth, preferably in a youth center or recreation setting.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge of youth development theory and best practices.
  • Leadership training or experience in youth program management and/or supervision.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development, Recreation, Education or other youth-related fields.
  • Oral and writing fluency in English and Spanish.


Certifications Required for this Position:

  • Adult First Aid/CPR.
  • Minnesota Food Manager’s License.
  • DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

Certifications can be earned after hire.


To learn more about FamilyMeans’ Youth Development Programs, we invite you to visit our website at the following: .


To apply, please submit a copy of your resume to Shelby Auer at