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FamilyMeans Youth Development program equips children and youth ages 5-18 with the skills to learn, thrive, connect, and contribute throughout life. We offer diverse, accessible, and engaging programming to spark passions and foster creativity. As a volunteer with the Landfall and Cimarron Youth Development program you are vital in the success of hundreds of youth. 

Help on weekday afternoons at one of our award-winning after-school and summer programs. Share your interests and hobbies in many ways, including arts and crafts, sports and games, creative play, reading, cooking, computer games, science projects, character development activities, and more!

Both sites have bike shops where youth learn to fix, build, and ride bikes. Assist with repairs or supervise bike rides!

A commitment of once a week for three months or longer is preferred. If you or your group are looking for a smaller commitment, consider help with a special event for the youth program such as help with parties, picnics, or holiday festivities!

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“I volunteer with FamilyMeans because I want to give back to my community and helping kids that I can connect with is a bonus!”