When is it time to seek therapy?


The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 13% of children ages 8-15 experience a mental health condition, and 50% of these children do not receive treatment. Those not receiving treatment can face anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses into adulthood. However, many parents still struggle with the question “Should I bring my child to see a therapist?”

Mental health conditions can appear in children in many ways, from an inability to control anger to unusual sleeping patterns. The tough part is that each person is different, so there are not clear signs for a parent to look for in deciding if professional help is needed. Despite this, there are some similarities found in children that could benefit from counseling services.

  • Your child’s behavior has changed. He/she is anxious, withdrawn, and/or disinterested in hobbies.
  •  Your child has harmed them self, or is threatening to. 
  • Your child’s behavior is interfering with daily life.
  • You, as a parent, do not know what else to do to support your child.
  • Your child has sudden unexplained physical symptoms such as stomachaches or changes in appetite.

In addition to these signs, children often need therapeutic support if they go through a traumatic event such as parents divorcing, or a loved one passing away.

FamilyMeans Counseling & Therapy provides individual counseling for children. Whether your child is displaying these signs or not, we encourage you to set-up an appointment for your child to speak with us. Many times, our therapists also find that parents can benefit from individual or couple counseling to learn ways to support and nurture their child through this time.