Wellness Center Challenge

An anonymous donor gifted $100,000 to FamilyMeans over a 10-year period with the intent to challenge the community to double the amount in a joint effort to make school-based mental health services more readily available to all students throughout District 834.

Stillwater High School Wellness Challenge

Accept the Wellness Center Challenge by making a gift to support school-based mental health services in Stillwater area schools.


Hundreds of students take advantage of the school-based services each year. Anxiety. Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Family pressures. Bullying. Complicated friendships. Academic stress. Real life issues. All of these things make it difficult for kids to thrive.

FamilyMeans therapists are in 11 Stillwater area schools on a part-time basis to help students through difficult times. Your support will help increase accessibility so more students can seek help when they need it.

Help students so they don't feel alone in the crowd. Thank you for your support!

Erik Sletten “Parallel Bridges”

Erik Sletten Parallel Bridges

Purchase a Erik Sletten “Parallel Bridges” print and the proceeds go to FamilyMeans’ school-based mental help programs in Stillwater area schools and will be matched by an anonymous donor as part of the Wellness Center Challenge.


Poster Print $15.00
*print sized 15x33 inches

Canvas Wrapped Print $75.00
*print sized 15x33 inches 
Ready for hanging! 

"Parallel Bridges" Notecards $20.00 
Set of 10 with envelope

 Pick up your poster at 
Stillwater Office Location
1875 Northwestern Ave. S.
Stillwater, MN 55082