Supporting Youth with Opportunities Vital for Community Health

Supporting Youth with Opportunities Vital for Community Health

Aug 26, 2013

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In FamilyMeans' mission to strengthen communities by strengthening families, we recognize the need to strengthen every unit of the family in order to be healthy. From the oldest grandparent to the youngest child, it is important to provide opportunity that caters to everyone's needs.

Because of this, FamilyMeans has offered many youth programs in the St. Croix Valley, aimed at bolstering the confidence, and opportunity provided youth in the area who may not otherwise have those opportunities. By doing so, they may be able to grow up with greater choices in their lives than if they had not participated in FamilyMeans' programs, and educate others along their way.

These opportunities inspired Board Member Rachel Klancher to volunteer with FamilyMeans so she could continue to share her life long desire to educate in other ways. Listen to her story today, and contact FamilyMeans to learn how you can inspire youth, too.