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student loan counseling



Student loan debt in the United States surpassed 1.2 trillion dollars in 2015 and is second only to mortgage debt. In an effort to help student loan borrowers locate, organize, and manage their student loans toward repayment and good-standing, FamilyMeans Consumer Credit Counseling Service is offering Student Loan Counseling.  For help with your Private Student Loans, you will need to contact the loan servicer for repayment options.

Do you need help navigating:

  • Federal student loan websites & various repayment options?
  • Options to get your loans out of default status?
  • The NSLDS system to organize & locate your federal student loans & servicers?
  • Options to temporarily postpone monthly loan obligations?
  • A budget to determine how much you can affordably repay monthly?

How To Start

Contact the Scheduling Desk for an appointment.
Call 651-789-4014 or 1-800-780-2890
Available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm

Be Prepared

This Student Loan Counseling is for your Federal Student Loans.  It is most helpful, as we use a holistic approach to make sure the actions you take have positive impact related to your financial situation. We will ask you to complete a detailed income, expense and debt listing in preparation for your appointment. You should also plan to bring loan documentation or a printout of your Federal loans from the NSLDS website


Before we can determine which repayment plan, special program or postponement option is appropriate for your specific situation, we must complete a thorough assessment of your monthly income & expenses to understand which options will improve your situation for both the short-term and the long-term.

What Does It Cost?

There is a $75.00 fee for the 90 minute Student Loan Counseling session.* **

*Residents of Stillwater school district #834, may qualify for a free counseling session due to a generous donation.  

“I was too scared to do anything on my own. I’m so grateful for the advice & information from my counselor. It gave me the confidence to get things in order & get my loans under control.”

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