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How does a debt management program affect my credit?

How is a debt management program different from debt settlement?

For people looking for debt help, there are many options they may find when searching. Debt management programs like ones offered by FamilyMeans are common, as are debt settlement programs from settlement companies. But they can vary greatly. Click the link above to find out how.

What are the benefits of a debt management program (DMP)?

How can a debt management program help you repair your credit? Learn the benefits a FamilyMeans debt management program can offer to help you today, including helping reducing costs, lower calls from collectors, build credit, and much more.

What are my payment options for a debt management program (DMP)?

We accept money orders and/or cashier's checks, we offer free recurring automatic withdrawls, and customer-initiated electronic payments. Your counselor will help you choose the best method for you. 

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