For over 50 years, FamilyMeans has helped strengthen communities by strengthening families. But we haven't done it alone. Volunteers from all walks of life have supported our work to make Stillwater, Minnesota and the surrounding areas a healthy place for families.

We are particularily thankful for a group of volunteers who have made FamilyMeans' mission their own as well. Created in 2005, this group of "new" volunteers has been the Next Generation Leadership Council, comprised of emerging leaders who are likely to be tomorrow’s nonprofit board leaders in the community. They provide a voice to communicate their generation’s needs and are helping develop the spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism among their peers. Our Next Generation Leadership Council is led by dedicated volunteers who are excited to make sure families and FamilyMeans itself remain strong for another 50 years.

Next Gen Council

Angie Kennedy

Jenny Hanlon

Sebastian Hearne

Callie Langenhorst

Birgitte Nielsen

Steffen Nielsen

Jess Peterson

Jessica Schuldt

Susannah Torseth

Jenna Weiss

Josh Zignego

Ryan Desch


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