Management Team

Arba-Della Beck, President

Jim Kroening, Director of Financial Solutions and Operations

Katie McNulty, Director of Development and Communications

Karen Reier, Director of Finance

Erin Rowlson, Clinical Director

Beth Wiggins, Director of Caregiver Support and Aging Services

Tom Yuska, Director of Youth Programs at Landfall and Cimarron


FamilyMeans management team has more than 70 years experience collectively with the agency allowing for a unique set of skills and expertise. With a mission-driven and client-centered focus, the management team and staff members are committed to providing timely support for the core issues that shape the lives of the people who come to FamilyMeans.

Everyone needs support at different times in their lives. At FamilyMeans, we have highly-skilled staff members and a wide range of resources to help and guide when it’s needed most. We believe that communities thrive when families and individuals are healthy, strong and resilient. That’s why FamilyMeans is here.

To contact a management team member, call FamilyMeans at (651) 439-4840 or send an email to


FamilyMeans Board of Directors for 2018-19:

Liz McGinley, Board Chair

Johan Nielsen, Past Board Chair

Kristin Kroll, Secretary

Cary Stewart, Treasurer

Charles Bransford, MD

Brad Hallett

Heidi Hubbard, MD

Brian Gunderson

Lynn Ogburn

Jess Peterson

Donald Schuld

Linda Skoglund

Susannah Torseth

Arba-Della Beck, President

FamilyMeans is a nonprofit agency inspiring trust, clarity, confidence and hope since 1963.