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Problems outside of work can affect on-the-job performance.

Employee Frequently Asked Questions about Employee Assistance Program

Q. If my employer pays for the services, won’t they know when someone uses the services?

A. No. All services provided by FamilyMeans are confidential. Only statistical data are provided to your employer.  

Q. Can my employer require me to see a counselor?

A. No. Use of EAP services is strictly voluntary. A co-worker, family member or supervisor can suggest you see a counselor but the choice is always yours.    

Q. What does it cost?

A. Your employer provides this service as part of your benefit package.

If your counselor feels you need additional services not covered under your program, your counselor will assist you in locating appropriate services. Those services may involve a fee or may be covered under your medical insurance. Your counselor will discuss fees before making a referral.

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