FamilyMeans Statement on Equity 


To fully realize our mission and vision, FamilyMeans understands that equity and inclusion must be at the forefront of every aspect of our human services programming in clinical and school-based mental health, caregiving and aging, financial solutions, and youth development. Likewise, our organization’s efforts in inclusion and equity should influence our staff, stakeholders, and systems with which we interact or collaborate. In order to do so, we must be responsive to emerging needs and changing demographics and acknowledge the lasting impact of systemic inequities and injustices on communities that have historically been and are currently marginalized. The individuals and families we seek to respectfully serve are diverse in thought, physical capabilities, life experiences, uniqueness of self, and more.

To this end, we make the following equity commitments:

  • We commit to honest evaluation of our work, its successes and gaps. 
  • We commit to adapt and innovate our services to increase inclusive access and impact based on improved awareness.
  • We commit to turning analysis into action.      
  • We commit to equity by acknowledging that there will always be a need for growing our awareness, and that growth will only make us stronger and more responsive to community needs.
  • We commit to equity by acknowledging that the work is ongoing; and to be inspired by that cycle rather than stalled by it.
  • We commit to equity by engaging board members, staff, and volunteers who are reflective of the people we seek to serve across various identities.