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FamilyMeans Collaborative Divorce Team Members

Current Collaborative Divorce team members include:

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Patricia Rogers, LICSW
Divorce Coach/Child Specialist

I have worked with children, teens, adults, couples, families and groups for more than 20 years in a variety of settings including residential, day programs and outpatient mental health.

I believe that in the general course of life things happen that are difficult and at some point most of us will feel overwhelmed. Divorce can be one of those times. I work as a coach with adults or as a specialist with parents and children in Collaborative Divorce to support a respectful divorce process. Family members develop goals, and each has an equal voice as the groundwork for a supportive future is created for the adults and children involved.  


Mary Wilkening

Mary Wilkening, LICSW
Divorce Coach/Child Specialist

Divorce is often one of the toughest things a person goes through, so it makes sense to seek out professional support during this time. I have worked with divorcing families in a variety of roles since 1997, including as a therapist, a facilitator of support groups for kids whose parents are divorcing, and as a mediator working with couples on their parenting plan. I currently work as a therapist with couples, individual adults, and children, as well as working as both a child specialist and divorce coach in the collaborative divorce process.  

My goal in working with couples in the divorce process is that, once the divorce is final, they are able to look back and know they completed the divorce process in a way that was healthy, mature and respectful. My goal when children are involved is to be the child’s voice as a child specialist. As a divorce coach, I help couples with children stay focused on their children throughout the process.



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