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Collaborative Divorce

Divorce and separation are legal, financial, and emotional processes. At FamilyMeans, we explain the different options available to couples and help you get started in the process you choose. 

Collaborative divorce is a court-free alternative to the traditional divorce. Couples who opt for a collaborative divorce will be able to dissolve their marriage respectfully while minimizing conflict. Divorcing couples with children will focus on defining new family relationships and establishing shared goals for co-parenting.

The FamilyMeans Counseling and Therapy program provides divorce coaching and child specialist services in a teamwork approach with financial specialists and lawyers in the community. Coaches support a respectful, low-conflict process. Child specialists help to put the child in the center, not in the middle.

To learn more, contact Patricia Rogers, LICSW, at Patricia will be glad to meet with you for a free half-hour consultation. 

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Find out more about the collaborative law process at: The Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota

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