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Debt does not
mean defeat.

Debt Management for FamiliesOften times, the first step toward financial freedom – asking for help – is the toughest. Everyone faces financial challenges at some point in their lives, and when families reach out for help through FamilyMeans, our credit counseling, budget education, and debt management programs can help turn stormy financial skies to blue.

FamilyMeans Financial Solutions  helps thousands of families and individuals with their financial struggles each year. In 2012, the agency’s Financial Solutions program served more than 15,000 people in the areas of consumer credit counseling, debt management and financial education. Below are some of the success stories from clients who have recently been through our program, and who wished to share their experience with others:

Overcoming Debt through Financial Management...

"Thank you so much!  You guys have been such a blessing to me!  I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be SO close to being debt's just fabulous!  And I'm so glad I heard about FamilyMeans from Suze Orman.  Every month when I make my payments I'm reminded that I will NEVER get into the credit card madness again.  Such an expensive lesson to learn!"

“Don’t ever forget how the job you do helps people so much!  I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I was feeling pretty hopeless when I came to see you, but with all you did and the information you shared, I now have a great job at Mayo that I love and have even SAVED some money!  Thank you SO much and have a wonderful spring!!."

“...I want you to know that when I started this program I didn't have confidence that it would work out and that I would be able to achieve the end goal. ... I am a professional and never thought my life would deal me the cards that it did, but having FamilyMeans help me... was an accomplishment in my life, I am PROUD of.  Thank you...I truly hope many of your clients realize the value of your service and employees."

FamilyMeans is a nonprofit agency inspiring trust, clarity, confidence and hope since 1963.