Do you need help managing your debt? Are you looking for a debt management program that you can trust to walk you through the steps of credit repair? Learn here about how FamilyMeans' Debt Management Program can benefit you:

Reduce Costs and Calls:

Through consistent, agreeable “power payment” arrangements on a debt management program, you can often reduce:

  • collection calls, letters and delinquency on past due accounts,
  • finance charges, late fees and over-limit fees with many creditors,
  • minimum monthly payment requirements
  • long-term payment plans, saving 10, 15 or 20 years of payments
  • frustrations with your monthly bill paying by simplifying processes to one payment, once per month.  Let FamilyMeans Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) do the work!

Build Credit:

While making your payments, you will build a better credit and payment history, reduce your debt to positively impact your debt-ratio and credit score. Becoming debt-free within a 5-year time-frame will be a positive boost to your credit score and future financial options!

Structure and Control:

The FamilyMeans Debt Management Program can help stop the never-ending credit cycle if you are always “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.” While on the program, you will follow budgeting practices to keep the spending in line with available income. And, you are not allowed to borrow or apply for new credit while on the debt management program, so the ever-climbing balances will stop. By implementing this structure, you will ultimately be taking steps to change your financial habits, which means, you'll be taking control of your money instead of letting it control you.   

Backup Payment Record:

When payments are sent to creditors on a Debt Management Program, the documentation and record-keeping is another way for you to have proof of payments sent. And the Debt Management Program Department will research issues if a payment is misapplied or missing.

Someone’s On Your Side:

The Debt Management Program Department is available to answer questions and trouble-shoot issues if you need help working with the creditors on the program. To speak with the Debt Management Program staff, call 651-789-4006 or 1-800-780-2890 (#2), available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm. Or email the Department at

Getting Started on the Debt Management Program

  • It may take 3-6 weeks for the creditors to process our proposal and accept your payment plan.  We will proceed with the program as planned, assuming they will accept the proposed payments. If you receive calls, refer them to our Debt Management Program department to verify participation and payment information.
  • Late notices and/or calls will continue until the creditor activates your CCCS status. Three (3) consecutive payments from CCCS are typically required before your creditors consider you active.
  • Late fees are possible when starting this program as billing cycles are not all the same. Creditors do not waive or adjust late fees prior to the first applied CCCS payment, or prior to activation of CCCS status or if payments are missed while on the Debt Management Program.
  • Check your creditor statement dates. You may need to adjust due dates depending on the current billing cycles with each creditor to coincide with our payment schedule. Some payments may cross in the mail with the statements. It takes 5-6 business days for the payments to be applied, after our disbursement. It’s not immediate!  
  • Watch your statements. Let us know if late fees or high interest continue after three payments have been applied.
  • We will request you send us your creditor statements after your 4th payment has been applied and then, every 6 months thereafter, to verify account status.  
  • Creditors can only make adjustments to your account status once in 5 years. Any missed or partial payments will need to be made-up to keep accounts in current status and stop late fees.

For questions or updates regarding your account, inability to pay, loss of income, budgeting needs or additional debts to be paid through the Debt Management Program, call your counselor or the Debt Management staff.

The Debt Management Program staff can be reached by calling (651) 789-4006 or toll free (800) 780-2890 ext 4006. Or email them directly at

Download this information as a PDF sheet for free by clicking HERE.

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