May 2024 Newsletter

May 2024 Newsletter

May 21, 2024

FamilyMeans Board of Directors Adds 3 New Members

Shawn Lohmann

Shawn Lohmann

Assistant Vice President of Trust and Estate Services Lake Elmo Bank

Joe Paiement

Joe Paiement

Mayor of Lakeland & Former Attorney

Jenny Terwedo

Jenny Terwedo

Property Manager The Fields at Arbor Glen

Margaret Irwin

Margaret Irwin, Volunteer Coordinator, Retires After 22 Years

FamilyMeans Staff, Clients, and Volunteers celebrated Margaret on Thursday, May 16 with a retirement party. We enjoyed reminiscing of her time with FamilyMeans and all the lives she has touched with her support and song.

Click HERE to read full article.

4th Annual Better is Possible Fundraiser

Better is Possible Fundraiser 2024On April 4th, we held our 4th Annual Better is Possible Fundraiser at JX Venue in Stillwater. This event included dinner, a silent and live auction, and a short program for almost 160 guests!

With the generosity of our community, FamilyMeans raised over $111,000 in support of agency programs!


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Save the Date!

Our 2025 Better is Possible Fundraiser will be Thursday, April 3rd at JX Venue!

Caregiving and Aging Banner/Youth Development

Caregiving & Aging and Youth Development Team up for Age Friendly Collaboration

FamilyMeans provides Youth Development programming in two vibrant Washington County communities, Landfall and Cimarron. We have provided this service to support youth in Landfall since 1992 and Cimarron since 2008. This year, our Caregiving & Aging staff have a mission to connect with and support elders in these communities as well. Building on the strengths of our relationships with youth, our directors and staff imagined a Caregiving & Aging – Youth Development collaboration to strengthen our ties to Landfall and Cimarron and provide even more support to individuals and families in these communities.

Both the city of Landfall and the community of Cimarron are underserved mobile home sections with large Latine populations, considerable amounts of families living below the poverty line, and a wide variety of age ranges. These communities were picked intentionally because of their racial and socioeconomic demographics, multigenerational community involvement, and lack of evident age friendly mechanisms that are conducive for elders. Our existing connections coupled with this unique opportunity will help the community better understand what aging families need.

Meanwhile, the state’s Age-Friendly Minnesota initiative has similar goals, helping local communities develop ways to become better places to live as we all age. Our multi-generational effort to learn from residents in Landfall and Cimarron was selected as an Age-Friendly Minnesota project. For nearly a year, we’ve been preparing with our research partner HACER (Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment Through Research) for the major surveying and canvassing project that launched in May.

Margaret IrwinTeen youth that we've already forged bonds with through Youth Development have been hired to canvas in their own communities. Youth will speak to family, friends, and neighbors to collect feedback which will be shared with our program staff to create a plan to better serve these individuals.
*Pictured on the right, youth learning their tasks for canvasing their community



Financial Solutions Banner

Financial Solutions Adds New Credit Counselor

Carmen LeMasterCarmen LeMaster recently joined the Financial Solutions team as a Certified Credit Counselor! She comes to us with over 20 years of experience in the financial field, working closely with clients who are striving towards financial stability. During her years in this profession, she has learned that every client is unique, stating, "I want to meet them at their individual level; I don't cookie cutter clients. I try to make sure I meet their needs and preferences in their financial journeys."

"My personal motto is 'I want to know your day is better because we crossed paths'. I get satisfaction from knowing that I've made a positive impact on someone's journey, and I find joy in offering encouragement along the way" added Carmen.

Kelly Hansen, Director of Financial Solutions, says "Carmen has a gift and passion for helping people, and we are so fortunate to have her on our counseling team!"

FamilyMeans Financial Solutions offers free budget and debt counseling to those who need help with debt repayment, budgeting, and money management skills. Our Certified Credit Counselors will assess current situations, develop realistic spending plans, establish goals, and create a personal action plan for each client. Our Counselors meet clients in-person and virtually.

Looking to get started? Click HERE or call 800-780-2890 to speak to one of our team members!

Counseling and Therapy Banner

Mental Health Tips for Students During the Summer

Summer vacation is almost here! A break from school is an opportunity for students to relax, spend time with friends and family, and most of all, HAVE FUN! However, for some, summer break can feel isolating. The lack of structure, social connection, and constant brain work can affect a child negatively. Fear not, our Counseling & Therapy team have some great tips to help combat the potential "Summer Scaries" some may face!

  • Keep a routine: During the school year, children and teens are used to the routine of waking up, spending time at school, maybe participate in a sport, etc. The loss of a routine can cause stress and anxiety. Clinical Director Erin Rowlson says "even though Summer is a time of relaxation and looser schedules, kids thrive on them. Ways to do this is by keeping a consistent bedtime and mealtime routine, and a loose outline for your days."
  • Maintain interaction with other children: Like all humans, children and teens thrive on social connection! Planning group get togethers, signing your child up for summer activities, or having your child phone or video call friends can be great ways to keep up the interaction with their peers.
  • Spend time outside: Exposure to natural sunlight increases Vitamin D and Serotonin, which are known to boost your mood! Whether that looks like playing an outdoor sport, going out on the boat, or just taking a walk, spending time outdoors can be essential to mental self-care!
  • Make time for learning: Sure summer can be used for relaxing, but it also important to keep your child or teen engaged mentally! Taking educational trips to the Zoo or Science Museum, learning a new skill, or spending time at the local library can be effective ways to incorporate learning into fun summer plans!

Summer can be a great time to get into a new mental health routine! Whether it is individual or family counseling, FamilyMeans offers an array of support during the Summer for people of all ages. Interested in learning more or getting in touch with our staff? Visit our Counseling & Therapy page or call 651- 439-4849 to get started.

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