Mental Health in the Workplace: Tips for Taking Care of YOU

Mental Health in the Workplace: Tips for Taking Care of YOU

May 20, 2024

Mental Health in the Workplace: Tips for taking care of YOU

According to the American Psychological Association, putting mental health at the center of workplace policies is more important than ever as we grapple with financial worries, shifts in job culture, and general familial and workplace stressors. Both employers and employees can take part in promoting a healthy work environment. FamilyMeans Counseling & Therapy has some tips for you to improve your mental health in the workplace!

  1. Set reminders to take breaks: Did you know that the average person in the workplace spends close to 7 hours a day looking at a screen? That’s A LOT! Taking breaks throughout the day, even if you just get up and walk for a few minutes, can help reset your mind and allow you to relax.
  2. Create a clear boundary between work and home: Whether you work onsite or remote, it is important to find a healthy work-life balance. When work-related concerns continuously intrude on personal time (or vice versa), individuals may experience burnout and heightened stress levels. By setting clear boundaries and dedicating specific time for personal activities and relaxation, individuals can recharge and maintain overall well-being.
  3. Take care of yourself: Getting enough sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated can make a huge difference to your mental health, both at work and beyond. Self-care is linked to improving mental health, self-esteem, self-worth, and optimism. Putting your physical health first can be essential to care for your mental health!
  4. Socialize with coworkers: Developing mutually supportive relationships with your coworkers, collaborating as a team, and having fun together can ease stress and boost your mood at work. In addition, socializing in the workplace helps reduce the feeling of isolation which can lead to poor mental health. Share your interests, plan a potluck, take a walk outside, you name it!

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