Caregiving & Aging May/June Newsletter

Caregiving & Aging May/June Newsletter

May 08, 2024

Celebrating a Milestone


We are celebrating Margaret Irwin’s retirement in the middle of May after 22 years with Volunteer Management and Caregiving & Aging at FamilyMeans.

Margaret has been a recruiter and guide for countless volunteers who have served in FamilyMeans programs throughout the entire organization. She is most proud of her role founding and leading the Day Out group respite program.

“FamilyMeans has given me a nurturing environment that encourages innovation and creativity,” Margaret says. She has used her creativity for music and engagement with the Day Out Program that began in 2011 with 4 participants and has grown to weekly groups of 13 people with dementia and chronic conditions. This group respite model was started due to the success of the in-home respite program that Margaret managed with up to 95 volunteers and provided 14,000 hours of in-home respite companionship at its peak.

Margaret states that the main thing that she has noticed through her tenure is that “people are speaking more about dementia and that is healthy for all of us.”

Margaret is looking forward to time with her family and grandchildren and more travel in retirement.  She says she is confident that the programs will remain strong and the mission will continue to provide respite that is so important for caregivers.

Margaret we will miss you and thank you for your years of service to the volunteers, caregivers and care receivers who have come to FamilyMeans for the past 22 years!


We look forward to connecting with you! 

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