February Blog

February Blog

Feb 23, 2024

Financial Solutions Celebrates 35 Years as a Member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling

FamilyMeans Financial Solutions is celebrating 35 years as a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). As a member of the NFCC, FamilyMeans Financial Solutions Counselors are certified to provide the highest level of care and service to individuals facing financial challenges. We believe all deserve to be treated with honesty, integrity, and respect.

When asked about the importance of being a member of the NFCC, Kelly Hansen, Director of Financial Solutions, said “The NFCC has strict membership standards that we must adhere to. NFCC members have access to industry connections, which can be beneficial for networking and staying informed about the latest developments in credit counseling”.

In 2023, FamilyMeans Financial Solutions served over 4,000 individuals and families through credit and debt counseling, housing counseling, the debt management program, and education. Our free credit and debt counseling service saw the most increased need, with 22% more clients served over 2022. As our community continues to face financial hardships as the result of inflation and market challenges, the FamilyMeans Financial Solutions program provides hope, support, and life-changing results.

Q&A with Kelly Hansen, Director of Financial Solutions

Kelly Hansen

 -How would you describe the Financial Solutions program to someone who has never heard of us before?

The FamilyMeans Financial Solutions program is dedicated to empowering individuals to find financial freedom. Our NFCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselors engage with individuals in in-depth consultations lasting up to 90 minutes, provided at no cost. During these sessions, we conduct a thorough analysis of income, expenses, and debts, taking the time to understand our clients' financial goals, aspirations, and dreams. We provide actionable suggestions, valuable tips, and practical tools, collaboratively developing a customized plan of action to guide our clients towards financial stability, housing security, and the effective reduction of unmanageable debt.

-Can you describe the intake process?  

Clients connect with us through various channels, such as the internet using our brief 10–15-minute application, by reaching out to our Intake staff at 800-780-2890, or with the assistance of another support agency such as their bank, creditor, or through a family member or friend.

The Budget and Debt Counseling program serves as a pathway for clients to progress towards financial stability and liberation from debt. Our dedicated team collaborates with individuals in many ways, including in-person consultations, telephone sessions, virtual meetings, and email correspondence. We assist clients in formulating sustainable spending plans, offering practical money management strategies that facilitate the effective implementation of their financial goals. We empower clients to establish and achieve their financial objectives.

 -What would you tell someone who is nervous to reach out for support?

I would share one of the 100’s of stories or quotes received from our clients, such as this one: 

“I spoke with a nice lady on the phone who listened and scheduled an appointment for me. My counselor spoke with me for an hour and a half, and it was incredible! At first, I was so nervous to share my questions with him, but he was kind. When I realized I was talking to a safe person, I was transparent and he was able to not only offer simple, actionable advice for my situation he also was encouraging. I felt like there was a lot of financial knowledge that I just didn’t learn growing up, that other people must know somehow, but I didn’t.  My counselor was able to address that state of mind and let me know that I was in fact, on the right path. He helped me create a budget that allowed me to see that I could in fact afford a new car!

Two weeks later, I went to a Chevy dealership and bought myself a brand-new Chevy Spark which I drive to work every day and am amazed at what I was able to do, no one in my family has ever purchased a new car. Thank you Family Means for all that you do to change lives, you changed mine.”

 Interested in learning more about Financial Solutions or scheduling a consultation with one of our NFCC certified credit counselors? Click HERE or call 800-780-2890 to get started today!