Caregiving & Aging January 2024 Newsletter

Caregiving & Aging January 2024 Newsletter

Jan 17, 2024

Ways to Increase Happiness

These are just a few ideas to add to your happiness quotient in the New Year.
Better health, lower stress and blood pressure and maybe some joy will come your way.
Will you try one, or two...or more?
• Every day, practice some laughing.
• Every day, practice some smiling.
• Hang out with funny people. It is infectious.
• List ten things you enjoy. Then set aside some time this week to do at least one.
• Ground yourself. Every hour stop whatever you are doing and re-group your mind.
• Go for just enough. Instead of reaching for the stars, reach only for what you need. Give up maximizing. Redefine success.
• Defeat “overwhelm.” Stop multi-tasking and stay in the moment. Say NO!
• Stop obsessive thinking. If you are going around and around with the same thought pro-cess, consider remembering a place where you feel happy and relaxed. Get into the feel-ing of it. Now get on with your day and the next time you start obsessing again, say STOP. Bring back that happy memory. Repeat as often as necessary.
• Laugh at yourself. Change perspective. Look at situations from others’ perspective.
• Give up and have a good cry. Sometimes it is the best thing and you can do.
• Share some laughter with a friend.
• Practice gratitude.
• Do at least one silly non-conforming thing a day.
• Be optimistic.
• Write down your long term, medium- and short-term goals. People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.
• Practice asking for help and giving help. GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!


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