Caregiving & Aging May/June 2023 Newsletter

Caregiving & Aging May/June 2023 Newsletter

May 05, 2023

Caregiving & Aging

May is Older Americans Month!

This is the 60th year of celebrating Older Americans Month (OAM). Led by the Administration for Commu- nity Living, This year’s theme, Aging Unbound, offers an opportunity to explore a wide range of aging ex- periences and to promote the importance of enjoying independence and fulfillment by paving our own paths as we age.

Here are some ways we can all participate in Aging Unbound:

Embrace the opportunity to change. Find a new passion, go on an adventure, and push boundaries by not letting age define your limits. Invite creativity and purpose into your life by trying new activities in your community to bring in more growth, joy, and energy.

Play a new sport like Pickle Ball or yoga. Sign up for a club or social group to meet new people.

Explore the rewards of growing older. With age comes knowledge, which provides insight and confi- dence to understand and experience the world more deeply. Continue to grow that knowledge through reading, listening, classes, and creative activities.

Volunteer in your field of expertise with different generations than your current one. Learn a new skill.

Stay engaged in your community. Everyone benefits when everyone is connected. Stay active by vol- unteering, working, mentoring, participating in social clubs, and taking part in activities at your local senior center or elsewhere in the community.

Check out libraries/schools to be a homework helper. Expand your knowledge by taking a new class.

Build relationships. As an essential ingredient of well-being, relationships can enhance your quality of life by introducing new ideas and unique perspectives. Invest time with people to discover deeper connections with family, friends, and community members.

Get back to a game or craft you haven’t done in awhile and think about teaching it to someone else. Have people over for tea and conversation. Form a book club.

Engage in events and activities through FamilyMeans Caregiving & Aging—we are your local community resource for age positive living!


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