Caregiving & Aging July/August Newsletter

Caregiving & Aging July/August Newsletter

Jul 14, 2022

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Steps to Help You Cope

Here are simple steps to help you stay healthy while caregiving.

Ask for help

Avoid being the sole caregiver. Expand your support team by asking others to help with day-to-day tasks or even coming to visit. Hiring a home health care agency to perform more personal cares or companionship can also give you time to yourself to practice self-care and recharge. Ask about FamilyMeans respite options.

Let it all out

Talk to a family member, friend, minister, or counselor about what you are experiencing, or seek out a local support group. It’s all too easy for a caregiver to withdraw from family and friends, but research shows that those with emotional outlets report less stress and fewer health ailments than those without such connections. Ask about FamilyMeans Care-giver Coaching and Consultation.

Get up to speed

Specialized health organizations can provide detailed information on the disease your friend or family member is facing. FamilyMeans can also be a source of information and education.

Remember your own health needs

Remembering your own doctor appointments and when to take your medicine can be dif-ficult enough without having to juggle someone else’s schedule. Keeping a calendar of your appointments, or writing yourself reminders can be cues to help you stay on top of your health issues.

Get moving

Physical activity is good for the body and the brain. Getting 30 minutes of physical activity, such as walking, on all or most days of the week. Well-balanced meals that are high in veg-etables, fruits, and whole grains and low in fat will also help you stay fit and healthy.

Have a hobby

Carve out some time each week to do something you enjoy, such as reading a book, watch-ing a movie, or gardening. Ask about FamilyMeans Welcome Mat Wellness.Summer Education

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