Counseling & Therapy Newsletter May 2021

Counseling & Therapy Newsletter May 2021

May 05, 2021

Counseling & Therapy

May Mental Health awareness month

The month of May is recognized nationally as Mental Health Awareness Month. A time where everyone is encouraged to take stock of their mental health and set goals for improvement. Mental health incorporates emotional, social, and psychological aspects of your health. All of these areas affect your physical health and vice versa.

We can see the ways mental and physical health go hand-in-hand in our current beautiful spring weather. Most feel the general trend of our moods lifting this time of year because we’re able to spend more time outside, the sun is shining, and we can be a bit more social. When you get to talk with someone or feel encouraged by someone; that improves your mental health. A hug. A smile. A walk. A nap. All of these things are physical, but can improve your mental health.

FamilyMeans Counseling & Therapy encourages you to bring awareness of your mental health this month by doing a short mental health check-in.


Personal Mental Health Check-In

During the past 4 weeks have you noticed…

a change in your overall mood?

a change in your ability to concentrate on things such as work/school?

any changes in how often or how intensely you feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed?

any significant events that have occurred in your life?

In the past 2 weeks have you noticed…

feeling particularly down, sad, or depressed?

a change in how often you feel angry, sad, or happy?

a loss of interest in things that once gave you great joy?


We encourage you to take a few moments to ask yourself these questions and reflect honestly on your answers. Revisit these questions throughout the year for a quick assessment of your mental health. This check-in is also great to ask your partner, spouse, family member, or children.

If you ever feel like there have been changes you’d like to talk with someone about, please reach out to one of our trained clinicians at FamilyMeans. You can also start by talking with a family member, close friend, or a coworker. Your mental health is yours, and yours to work on. You’ve already done a big step in asking yourself these questions and reading this article. Our country is slowly turning the tables and reducing the stigma around mental health and treatment. Help further this trend by opening up to family and friends about your mental health experience. Share what you are comfortable with, whether it is a struggle you are facing , a success you’ve had handling a stressor, or even just how you are feeling today; it might just help your overall mental health.


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FamilyMeans Clinician Spotlight

Rachel Dowling

Rachel Dowling, MA, LAMFT
School-Based Therapist

Fun Fact: There is always music in our house. We all sing EVERYTHING. We sometimes have whole conversations in song. Not kidding. My two oldest daughters and I also play the piano. One of my daughters recently got a guitar – so there is always music in some form going on in our house. It’s really crazy but fun.

Self-Care Idea: Definitely yoga, baths, and meditation. Lounging around with my kids reading books is also very relaxing. Long walks together as a family.

My Favorite App/Resource: My favorite mental health app is HeadSpace. I love the guided meditations and the fact that you can choose the amount of time you can commit – beginning at just 1 minute.


Nicole Gardner

Nicole Gardner, LPC-IT
Stillwater Clinic & School-Based Therapist

Fun Fact: Last year, I chose bread making to be my new hobby.

Self-Care Idea: Making bread by hand can be a form of self-care. It can be a very mindful process, relaxing, and a good space to get energy out through kneading dough.

My Favorite App/Resource: I recently downloaded an “Anxiety Toolbox” pdf from a creator on Etsy (journeytowellnessNZ). It looks like notebook paper and it has so many tools, techniques, and information to help understand and manage anxiety.