Volunteer Spotlight - Ted Nesse

Volunteer Spotlight - Ted Nesse

Apr 28, 2021


Ted has been a volunteer with the FamilyMeans Youth Development program for 4 years. Before his retirement, he worked as an engineering manager, software engineer, and electrical engineer. Once retired, he wanted to give back to youth in the community and help to spark passions around science and engineering.

Ted has many talents that he shares with students in our program. He says “I can familiarize students with opportunities that they didn't know were available to them. So often, people limit themselves needlessly because they don't know the amazing things they can do. I want to help youth explore these opportunities”.

Before covid moved our services to a virtual format, Ted would volunteer at the Cimarron Teen center for a couple hours each week. Helping students to explore new things like 3D printing, science, and more. Ted helped students to learn new life skills and grounded a positive outlook for each student’s growth.

As we shifted to a virtual format, Ted continues to support teens at both Cimarron and Landfall with homework in a virtual setting. His help with math, science, and other skills has been a huge support to the teens who are especially challenged with learning these subjects through distanced learning.

Landfall Teen Center Program Coordinator, Carey Garcia-Heublein says “Ted goes above and beyond to support the teens with their math and science studies. He volunteers twice a week, but if the students are having difficulty, and want to meet with him on a day they are not scheduled to meet, Ted will take the time to work with them. We are so fortunate to have Ted as a FamilyMeans volunteer”!

Ted says “FamilyMeans youth programming certainly makes life better for the community. When young people have more options and more ideas, they can better shape their lives to make better livings, become involved in positive social groups, and more fully realize their limitless potential”.

Ted, thank you for your dedication to the success of youth in our community, especially during this challenging time!