Volunteer Spotlight - Anne Amundson

Volunteer Spotlight - Anne Amundson

Apr 13, 2021


Anne Amundson began volunteering with FamilyMeans 10 years ago as part of the planning team for an out-of-home respite program, Day Out. Pre-pandemic, Day Out took place every Friday at FamilyMeans from 10am to 2pm, providing a break for caregivers while their family members enjoyed a variety of activities in a fun and welcoming environment.  

Anne has been an exemplary and highly engaged volunteer, putting her focus on making Day Out the best possible experience for our friends. She has given many interesting presentations on the themes of the week, in addition to leading chair yoga which she continues to do in our current virtual respite model. 

Anne says, "Since I've been with Day Out, it's become an important part of my life. There have been so many great friends and colleagues to know! Living abundantly means sharing your life, love and goodness with others. That is why I volunteer!" 

Many thanks to you, Anne, for 10 years of outstanding volunteer service.  You continue to bring light and joy to many people!



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