Holiday Activities to Ignite 5 Senses and Promote Mindfulness

Holiday Activities to Ignite 5 Senses and Promote Mindfulness

Dec 10, 2020

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Distance learning, changes to holiday plans, being apart from family and friends, staying safe at home – our lives are challenging right now, and likely, everyone in your family could use some holiday cheer. Get your 5 senses working with these fun holiday activities! Spend some time with your family reflecting on feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations that come with each activity.

Look at lights! Go for a walk/drive and see homes and businesses aglow with festive light displays.

Play your favorite holiday tunes! Have each person in your family choose their favorite holiday song. Play the music while you make dinner together, or have a dance party!

Get comfy! Grab your favorite soft sweater, or wrap up in a blanket. Take time to notice the feeling of the material on your skin. Appreciate the warmth and comfort that it provides.

Make a special meal or treat! Take time to prepare something delicious together. Be mindful of each bite and how the food makes you feel, memories it brings, or appreciation of the nourishment it will bring to your body.

Scavenger hunt for some good smelling items – holiday spices, candles, flowers, or foods. Reflect on where the smells take your memories, or how they make you feel

Encourage your children to practice this reflection on feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations daily, prompt them if you can! This type of mindful thinking helps to take a break from life’s stressors, slow down and take notice of themselves. If you are noticing that your child’s behavior is changing, sleep is disrupted, or just need some extra support, schedule an appointment to meet with our school-based therapist. Providing sessions via telehealth to support students, parents, and families.

FamilyMeans School-Based Therapists are wishing you joy, love, and laughter this holiday season.