Listen 4 Good: Client Feedback

Listen 4 Good: Client Feedback

Jul 08, 2020


In early 2020, the agency took part in the shared insights (aka client satisfaction) process with the Listen 4 Good (L4G) organization. L4G works with agencies to promote an intentional feedback cycle of design, collection, interpretation, response, and innovation.

Clients from across FamilyMeans programs were invited to share more about what influences positive interactions with our services. Then, the agency takes this feedback to help shape more client-centered offerings in the future. This initiative does not replace program-specific surveys, but rather allows FamilyMeans to gain high-level insights to its overall approach. Plus, over 200 other agencies participate too, which is helpful to benchmark aggregate data against peer service providers.

We are pleased with the results, and thank those who participated. Likewise, we are developing action plans for improvements. A summary of our initial findings is below:


Would you recommend FM to a friend or family member?

Overall, how well has FM met your needs?

How often do staff at FM treat you with respect?

How easy is it for you to get services at FM?

How connected do you feel to staff at FM?