Eileen Massie - Volunteer of the Month!

Eileen Massie - Volunteer of the Month!

Apr 30, 2020

FamilyMeans, Center for Grief & Loss

FamilyMeans Volunteer of the Month - May 2020 

Eileen Massie, 1 year, Center for Grief & Loss 


Q: How did you get involved with volunteering with FamilyMeans?

A: I wanted to volunteer to help the community, and I kept sensing I should do something regarding grief. That is when I found out about FamilyMeans’ Center for Grief & Loss in St. Paul. It was a perfect fit.


Q: What would you like the public to know about volunteering with FamilyMeans?

A: The staff is wonderful. I have never felt so appreciated in my life! The offices are located in 2 side by side homes right off Lexington and Grand. It is a very active area. There are beautifully landscaped yards for clients to sit and enjoy a water feature, flower gardens etc.

The staff is warm and inviting and as I said so appreciative. I love the freedom I was given to see something I thought needed to be done, and I just dove in. If being around clients is not of interest, there are so many other areas where you can help, light office work, outdoor projects, etc.


Q: What is your favorite/most meaningful memory of volunteering?

A:I loved working with my little 3 year old friend that came to play with me every time her parents had an appointment. She was such fun and would delight me with recipes she had made with her Mom, she knew every ingredient and the process of making dumplings. I was astounded and was at a loss for words, as I have never even attempted to make them.

The most meaningful was the time I spent in the back of the room during the Suicide Survivors Day event. This was such a moving event, with participants personalizing rocks for their loved ones, a very touching video, beautiful readings by the staff. It was so touching and I felt healing for the attendees. I was honored to be present and a part of this wonderful organization.


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