Dawn Wilwert - Volunteer of the Month!

Dawn Wilwert - Volunteer of the Month!

Mar 31, 2020



Dawn Wilwert, Legacy Volunteer, 13 years, In-Home Respite

Q: What types of things do you do with care receivers so that caregivers can have a break?
A: I’ve done everything from cook meals, read, listen to music, go for walks, play games, go to movies, go out to lunch, watch tv, or just have long conversations. The list goes on, but basically whatever the need is.

Q: What would you tell someone who is a bit nervous about volunteering?
A: Be brave, take that first step, and see where god will take you.

Q: What is your favorite/most humorous/most meaningful memory of volunteering?
A: I have so many! I received a marriage proposal once! 
One person in particular, I remember feeling so blessed that I was able to get to know her before she disappeared into Alzheimer’s.
Another person whom I’ve been with for 13 years, I’ve been able to watch her grown from a 3 year old to a 16 year old. That’s pretty special.


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