FamilyMeans’ Eli Snyder earns Counselor of the Year by  NFCC

FamilyMeans’ Eli Snyder earns Counselor of the Year by NFCC

Sep 23, 2019

Financial Solutions

Eli Snyder, a 10-year counselor with FamilyMeans Financial Solutions, is named National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) 2019 Certified Credit Counselor of the Year. The award, along with the other NFCC awards, was presented at NFCC Connect, the annual conference of the nation’s largest and longest-serving network of nonprofits dedicated to financial well-being. The ceremony took place the evening of September 17, 2019 just outside of Washington, DC.

Snyder recently celebrated his first decade as a full-time financial counselor for NFCC member FamilyMeans Financial Solutions. With a Bachelor’s degree in communications and coming from a mortgage banking position, Snyder was drawn to the opportunity to interact with people on a more personal level and engage in discussions about goals, possibilities, and fiscal strategies to attain success.

Snyder plays a critical role in the Financial Solutions team for FamilyMeans, both in counseling and education. He is the financial management presenter with the agency’s Caregiving & Aging services and helped develop the financial and budgeting sections of an ongoing education program for aging community members throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In addition, he annually teams up with other financial educators to counsel and advise teens at the Minnesota Teen Challenge. In collaboration with several professional sports teams and individuals, the challenge counsels teenagers and young adults suffering with substance abuse issues toward future financial and credit-related success.  

During his tenure at FamilyMeans, Snyder has counseled over 4,250 families and assisted 1,275 enroll in Debt Management Program (DMP). Through this, he has helped families repay over $30 million in debt. Snyder happily shares with other staff his expertise in educating consumers about their debt repayment options. His belief in the benefits of the DMP product is unwavering.

“Eli approaches each counseling session with energy, sincerity, and an honest interest in improving client situations. His conversational, warm style allows him to build rapport rapidly,” said Jim Kroening, Director of Financial Solutions.  Eli’s supervisor, Linda Humburg, adds “Eli’s focus and drive to improve his knowledge, counseling skills, ability to communicate and educate his clients and surrounding community members is unmatched. His energy is endless and the excitement he displays when clients share their progress and growth with financial management skills or debt repayment success is invigorating to those around him.”

FamilyMeans has offered the DMP repayment option since 2009. It works with those experiencing debt to gain control over their finances by setting steady payment schedules up to 60 months and negotiated lower interest rates. Creditors earn back monies and clients successfully build their credit scores. Currently, FamilyMeans oversees $11 million in debt for over 1,100 clients—in 2018 alone, nearly $5 million was paid back. Working with FamilyMeans Financial Solutions, 98% of clients report that they make better financial decisions. FamilyMeans financial counselors are available in Stillwater, Saint Paul, Rochester, and Eau Claire. Additionally licensed for all of Minnesota and Wisconsin, FamilyMeans counsels clients via the internet- and phone-based sessions as well.



About FamilyMeans:

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