Taking a Look In The Mirror : Mental Health & Wellness

Taking a Look In The Mirror : Mental Health & Wellness

Aug 05, 2019

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Taking a Look In The Mirror: Mental Health & Wellness

We often hear and talk about how healthy or unhealthy we are physically. The common message is if we exercise, eat right, get adequate sleep and go to the doctor for physicals on a regular basis then we will be mostly healthy. We hear this and other statistics surrounding our physical health all the time. This is accepted in our society and talked about at work, at home, with friends and through news stories.

But how often, or what is the message being discussed, about our mental health or wellness? Our mental health and wellness can also be thought of on a continuum of healthy to unhealthy and there are common things we can do to sustain, or improve, our mental health. Things that are similar to the list referred to above for our physical health can be just as helpful in keeping us mentally healthy. Other things that can influence our mental health for the better are: having clear communication with our loved ones, reducing the amount of stress we have in our lives, taking time to be outside, attending therapy when needed, and having hobbies or things we enjoy spending time doing.

As a whole, we are more stressed, more strapped for time and less fulfilled as individuals and our mental health and wellness are suffering. We have record numbers of people reporting they have a mental health concern and are feeling the need to seek treatment. Let’s start sending the message that it is not only okay to talk about our mental health, but for us to remain physically healthy, our mental health is part of this and should be part of the everyday conversation. If you, or a loved one, are noticing you are struggling with your mental health it is okay to reach out and talk with someone. FamilyMeans has caring and compassionate clinicians who can walk beside you during your struggles and can help you improve your mental health.

Written by Erin Rowlson, LMFT, Clinical Director