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Faces of FamilyMeans - Allison Richards

Faces of FamilyMeans - Allison Richards

Jul 09, 2019

Faces of FamilyMeans

"The feeling of not being enough is one I find frequently in my work, and is such a human response to the many demands and expectations of our worlds. So often I see clients fighting with this- trying to do more, grieve more, be more to more people, fill schedules more, etc. when in reality, the simple practice of settling into the idea of being enough in any present moment can be so powerful and transformative. I gently challenge my clients to think about how life would be different if they believed they were enough, even with (and likely because of!) their imperfections. I like to dream of what the world could be like if everyone believed in their enough-ness, letting their internal goodness overflow into everyday interactions." – Allison Richards, PhD, FamilyMeans Center for Grief & Loss Therapist