FamilyMeans Is Nonprofit Of Choice For St. Paul Winter Carnival

FamilyMeans Is Nonprofit Of Choice For St. Paul Winter Carnival

Jan 31, 2017

Community Donations, Winter Carnival

Want a Book? Find one at the FamilyMeans' Stillwater office or buy online at wintercarinval.comThe annual St. Paul Winter Carnival started a new tradition this year when 2017 King Boreas - Stillwater native and former FamilyMeans board member Jason Bradshaw - nominated FamilyMeans as the carnivals nonprofit partner of choice. Bradshaw took his new duties as king one step further, and helped commission a special carnival book this year called "Saint Paul Winter Carnival Wonders." 

This children's book - currently available at FamilyMeans' Stillwater office location, online, or at various Winter Carnival events - tells the story of the Winter Carnival through a grandfather reading to his granddaughter. It shares the values of the carnival, and what it means to be a good citizen of St. Paul.

With help from numerous family and friends, this book was completed through 100% donations. As a result, all proceeds directly benefit the St. Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation (which runs the Winter Carnival) and FamilyMeans. 

“As I said in my message in the children’s book," Bradshaw said, "this is a St. Paul holiday that brings people together. And I think you’ll see in the book that the characters are pretty representative of St. Paul." The books values are representative of FamilyMeans as well, making sure everyone finds the help and tools they need to make life better for themselves and their families. 

The "Saint Paul Winter Carinval Wonders" book is available online at, and also at all Winter Carnival events. Purchase your copy today, and thank you for your support!