Is It Time To Get Help? Try A Free Caregiver Assessment Tool

Is It Time To Get Help? Try A Free Caregiver Assessment Tool

Apr 28, 2016

Caregiver Support

Have you ever asked if it is time to get help? If so, then it probably is.

Many older adults and their families have a hard time deciding if it is time to get help and figuring out which options are right for them. To help answer these questions, FamilyMeans has partnered with Roobrik, a family care online decisions tool, to bring you a website that can help.

In four minutes, families answer 24 questions about their current situation, where they might need help, and what’s important to them. Whether families could use a little extra help around the house or are considering a move, the results you receive will help you understand any care needs you might have for your family and how these needs can be met now or in the future.

You can also share your results directly with FamilyMeans and talk to a trained counselor about options in your area. This tool is especially helpful for family members who are noticing changes and are not sure what to do next, or are feeling overwhelmed and are looking for assistance and advice.

This free tool is available for use now. Visit today to start your quick online assessment today, and learn more about your care needs and which options are the right fit.