New Year Brings New Updates To Cimarron Youth Center

New Year Brings New Updates To Cimarron Youth Center

Jan 07, 2015

Cimarron Youth Center, Youth Programs

As 2014 came to an end, 2015 opened with even more updates to the ever improving Cimarron Youth Center. 

Many new updates have occurred, both inside and out. On the inside, the big wall of windows on each side of the building is where the “game” rooms for the teens and children are located. Cushions and benches with pillows will make these spaces comfortable spots to read, play games, use iPads or just hang out with friends. These spaces will also serve as the setting where kids can read aloud to the therapy dogs. Adjacent to this area is the quiet room for homework, private conversations or simply a place to unwind and think. Here is where children will be able to converse with staff and volunteers about concerns or help with friendships or family relationships. 

In the picture showing the long view of the building is an area which allows for plenty of space for dance, gymnastics, indoor games, and burning off energy after a day at school. This area is also where after-school snacks and lunches will be served during the summer months. The kitchen is in the middle to make serving food and preparing food easy…and lots of fun! The kids especially enjoy the days they have a visit from the nutritionist. Not only do they receive a tasty snack but in the process they learn about healthy items and gain some cooking skills.

The excitement of the new youth center in Cimarron is building and we are reminded every day how fortunate we are to be able to create such a special place for the kids. And, more kids are coming by to check out the program and all is has to offer. More kids are coming more often, which was one of the goals of FamilyMeans for the new building.

What was once just a vision is becoming a reality. The building is expected to be finished the second week in February. The cold weather hindered the progress a bit…but it won’t be long now!

To learn more about the new Cimarron Youth Center currently under construction, check out of Cimarron youth program page, and our Cimarron Youth Center page that tracks the ongoing process of the construction.