Cimarron Youth Center Sees Inner Changes in December

Cimarron Youth Center Sees Inner Changes in December

Dec 22, 2014

Cimarron Youth Center, Youth Programs

Like a butterfly in a cocoon, all of the metamorphosis in the Cimarron Youth Center is taking place inside!

During our last Cimarron Youth Center update, we saw that the Center was starting to get framed out on the inside, with the work-in-progress Center actually beginning to take shape. A few weeks later and the interior walls of the building have been framed, the external walls have been insulated, and the plumbing and electrical infrastructure is in place. The structure is starting to look like a building!

The big side windows that will eventually make the Center a bright and airy space also now button up the interior. As the work inside the Center continues, local children and teens continue to get exclusive looks at how the building is developing. Meanwhile, the Center’s interior designer is finalizing the building’s color scheme, and come January, the children and youth will begin to see the true colors of the space.

To learn more about the new Cimarron Youth Center currently under construction, check out of Cimarron youth program page, and our Cimarron Youth Center page that tracks the ongoing process of the construction.