Renovated Landfall Teen Center Brings New Opportunities for Youth

Renovated Landfall Teen Center Brings New Opportunities for Youth

Jun 29, 2014

Youth Programs, Landfall Teen Center

Since 1992, FamilyMeans' has worked with community members to bring youth programs and activities to the kids in the community. In 1999, the services expanded to the Landfall Teen Center, which has become a destination spot for youth in the Landfall community of Minnesota. At the Teen Center, after school activities may include community gardening and their bicycle program, but after the summer of 2014, it will include much more.

Recently, the Landfall Teen Center received donations of near $70,000 to help renovate their Teen Center space. In doing so, improvements were made all around, expanding the space for youth activities, which cover a wide range of interests. Now, with a new space built above the existing bike shop, the Landfall Teen Center includes room for music production, computer stations, and even 3D printing. Donations from volunteers and companies like Andersen Windows helped to expand the space with new windows, outside decks, new paint, flooring, and more.

Local newspaper Lillie News picked up on the activity as well, and highlighted the uniqueness of the project, and just how much work the youth volunteered to help transform their own space. Speaking with FamilyMeans Teen Center coordinator, Paul Shanafelt, he shared:

“Kids put in a lot of their own sweat equity into the project,” Shanafelt says. “They were a big part of the design phase and helped with some of the woodworking and interior painting.”

With the continued changes seen at the Landfall Teen Center, it continues to grow in popularity and pride. Where before many kids in the area were reluctant to bring friends to their manufactured home community, many are now bringing friends from nearby neighborhoods to share what they have built at the Teen Center. Their investment shines through in the building itself.

See more images from the renovated Landfall Teen Center below, including the first printed item from the 3D Printer. To learn more about youth programs like the Landfall Teen Center at FamilyMeans, visit our Youth Programs section on our website, or contact us for more information.