Men’s Group Helps Strengthen Relationships and Focus on Self-Understanding

Men’s Group Helps Strengthen Relationships and Focus on Self-Understanding

Jun 11, 2014

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At dinner Lisa told her husband about some conflicts that were happening in her workplace. She was feeling stressed and needed to vent. Kyle started offering solutions and suggesting ways to fix the problems. Lisa stopped talking. Then, she told Kyle she wasn’t looking for him to become involved, but rather that she just needed someone to listen and hoped he could be that person.

Often times, men struggle to understand if there is anything they can fix to make things better. Many men feel compelled to have the answers, even when nobody is asking for their help. At FamilyMeans, a men’s group helps promote self-understanding and explores how sometimes a man’s strengths can work against him.

According to David Carroll, Psy.D, L.P, and facilitator of the men’s group, “Helping men develop a different set of tools and make different choices is key to helping them strengthen their ability to connect meaningfully with others.”

Most men want to have closer relationships with the important people in their lives: spouses, children, parents, neighbors, friends, colleagues. But life happens and feelings of disconnect can become all too common. These disruptions in relationships can lead to a drop in a man’s life satisfaction resulting in worry, frustration, anxiety, sadness, resentment or emptiness, among other feelings.

Disruptions come in many forms that may include job loss or retirement, moving to a new home or grown children moving away, separation or divorce, emotional distance from a spouse or stress from constant arguments.

If you or someone you know may benefit from taking part in the men’s group, call David, the group facilitator, at (651) 789-4030 to learn more. Currently, there is space available in the Tuesday evening group.