Cimarron Teens Talk Post High School Options with Landfall Alum

Cimarron Teens Talk Post High School Options with Landfall Alum

May 12, 2014

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It’s not every day that the teens in the youth programs in Landfall and Cimarron hear from an adult who truly understands the strengths of the FamilyMeans programming in their communities.

But on April 24, a group of teenagers at Cimarron heard from Lee Bojarski, a former active participant in the Landfall children and teen programs who stopped in to discuss options about life after high school.

As a child, Lee took part in the Investigation Station and the bike program in Landfall. Lee was also one of the youth participants who helped build the initial Teen Center. Today, Lee works for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Minnesota, near the State Capitol. He is also married with two children, and is awaiting the birth of his third daughter later this month.

Lee sat down with a group of teens at Cimarron to share some insights into post high school options, particularly the military, which is the path Lee chose for himself. Accompanied by Cassie, a friend who also joined the military, the two shared some of the benefits that included access to education and learning discipline and respect while in the army.

They talked about how Minnesota has a great appreciation for its soldiers, and the unexplainable camaraderie they’ve each experienced.

“I received a lot of manager experience, everything from becoming a good communicator to gaining skills in organization and time management,” Lee said of being in the military.

Lee and Cassie also fielded questions from the teens, such as:

  • What is it like to go through basic training?
  • How do you get promoted within the military?
  • How does a person get discharged?
  • How often do you go to training for the National Guard?
  • How do you know when you have to salute someone?

After Lee answered this last question he added: “When in doubt, just salute.”

The hour-long conversation not only provided some advice and insight into military life, but also gave the teens an inside look from someone who has walked in their shoes. And years later, Lee continues to acknowledge how FamilyMeans’ youth program made a positive difference in his life.

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